Guitars - Jim Critcher
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Beautiful guitars are one of my passions. My wife has graciously tolerated this passion and has seen quite the procession of instruments come and go over the years. My father, being a cabinet maker, instilled in me a love for beautiful wood and fine woodworking. Being a musician, I am moved by sound. Fine guitars bring together both worlds. As you scroll down enjoy not only the craftsmanship but the sense of history with each brand. By clicking each image you will go to a short movie clip on the history and legacy of each work of art.

Hermann Hauser

The history of modern guitar builders, perhaps no dynasty of luthiers is more famous than the Hauser family of Germany. Andres Segovia, the great Spanish guitarist, chose and played on a Hauser guitar for many decades. This endorsement established Hauser as one of the most significant and influential builders of the 20th century.

I have the privilege of owning guitars by both Hauser II and Hauser III. I have on order a guitar from Hauser IV, daughter Kathrin, still in her 30s, with delivery in a few years!

Tobias Braun

Also from Germany, Braun typically builds a different style of guitar than the Hausers, but very “German” nonetheless. Strongly influenced by older builders such as Santos and Manuel Ramirez, these are very special instruments. I own a couple of his guitars including one made from flamed maple and one from the relatively obscure satinwood.


As Martin is to the steel string acoustic guitar, or as Fender and Gibson are to the electric, so is Ramirez to classical guitars. Thousands of these instruments have been built over the years with a building dynasty extending generationally, like Hauser. Many concert artists chose Ramirez guitars at some juncture in their careers including Segovia and my inspiration as a player, Christopher Parkening.

Guitar Salon

David and Dave at Guitar Salon in Santa Monica, California have helped to indulge this guitar passion for many years. And yes, they have helped lighten my wallet somewhat but patiently indulged the process as well. For the classical guitarist searching for the holy grail instrument, this is the place. Look, enjoy … and be forewarned. This is an expensive habit.

Chris Abell (Flute)

Angie has played many different flutes over the years including Gemeinhardt, Muramatsu, Haynes and Mehnert. Her current instrument was handmade in the mountains of North Carolina. We had the privilege of meeting Chris Abell at his workshop in Asheville some years ago. After meeting him, we placed an order. He starts with blocks of grenadilla wood and builds each flute from scratch down to casting each individual key from silver. An amazing, time intensive process of which there are only a few builders in the world constructing flutes with this level of craftsmanship.